5 Important Tips for Grooming Your Dog at Home In Sweden

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Deciding to patronize grooming services is a great idea, especially if you don’t know how it is done. Popular Swedish review sites such as reviewsbird.se understand that many people patronize grooming services because they believe they can’t match the expertise of professional groomers.

However, aside from the economical aspect, there are other advantages to grooming your dog at home. No one can handle your pet with love and care better than you. Grooming your dog also helps in bonding. Also, learning to do it yourself is a great idea if you live in a remote place where you can’t access grooming services easily. Therefore, here are some major tips to help you succeed in grooming your dog at home.

Purchase the right grooming equipment

For this task to succeed, you must purchase the right equipment. Swedish online shop reviews show that there are many online shops where you can purchase your grooming equipment. However, it is important that you contact your vet for advice and recommendations.

Your vet should know one or two stores that will provide you with the right set of brushes, combs, and dog soaps, as well as important health-related advice that may save you and your dog some headaches.

Brush routinely

Regular brushing of your dog’s hair helps eliminate dead hair and prevent dirt from accumulating. You can seek advice from your vet to know how often you should do the brushing. Your vet will consider your dog’s breed and coat’s toughness.

Be gentle when brushing

You need to approach brushing your dog’s hair with gentleness and patience. Aggressive brushing may lead to pain. Even if your dog has a tough coat, you still have to brush gently. That is why it is advisable to do grooming in your leisure time and in a good mood.

Bathe your dog

You can give your dog a bath to improve cleanliness and eliminate lice, ticks, and others. Ensure you have quality dog soap and other necessary bathing equipment. Your vet’s recommendations should be of great importance here. Bathe your dog with lukewarm water in a basin or tub.

Depending on the size of your dog, ensure the water in the tub is small. Ensure your dog’s fur is wet before applying the soap and work into a lather. If your dog won’t allow you to bathe it, be patient and keep trying. Seek advice from professionals and your vet.

Nail trimming

Trimming your dog’s nails will prevent your furniture and other surfaces from bearing scratches. It will also help you notice any defects, such as swelling. Try doing this when your dog is relaxed. Ensure they are not in pain during the process. If your dog doesn’t let you trim its nails, don’t enforce it, as it may be counterproductive.


Grooming your dog at home is a good way to increase bonding and closely monitor your dog’s health. You can easily detect any health issues during grooming and take necessary actions. Grooming also helps make your dog comfortable, clean, and healthy. It is even more cost-effective than seeking professional grooming services. The tips above will help you groom your dog at home properly.